Sunday, December 4, 2011

Give-away winner(s)

Thank you to everybody who shared their thoughts on blogging and why they enjoy either reading blogs or writing blogs - that sense of connectedness across the world is a fine thing!

One of the nice things I think about a give-away is that it encourages folk who don't always comment to leave a comment, and then you can follow up with them and their blogs and see what they get up to. I've had some very nice visits this week checking out fellow bloggers all over the globe.

But down to the main business...

I was thinking to myself, that seeing as how it's nearly Christmas, and I didn't get around to doing a 300th post give-away, and I noticed this week I had reached 100 followers, and well what are give-aways for if not giving away... I would change the rules and give-away all the gifts.

So I entered all the people who like Bush Glyphs the most in one draw, all of those who liked Stormy Rainbows in another, and then all those who like the pebbles into another and Barry did the honours and drew out 3 names.

Bush Glyphs will be heading to Vicki in Iceland... an Aussie living in the freezingness.

Stormy Rainbows is going not quite so far, but over to Annie in England.

And the pebbles will make a shorter trip "across the ditch" to Louise in New Zealand!

So... if Vicki, Annie and Louise would like to get in touch and let me know their mailing addresses, I shall endeavour to pop these pieces in the post to you all this week, and hope they arrive in time for a kind of Christmas-type present!

Fascinating isn't it that all three are leaving the country - the perfect example of blogging connections across the miles...

Oh and for those who aren't already subscribed, I have just set up a subscribe to our occasional newsletter button on the right hand side of my blog. We only send the occasional newsletter; its just another way of keeping in touch...


  1. That's such great news, Fiona!! Thank you so much. This has really cheered me up. My pocket is ready to take one of these treasures out on all my meanderings. Thanks again. Axx

  2. All these winners are sooo fortunate. It's great to see your treasures travelling all over the world.

  3. Lucky Ladies all! Happy Holidays!

  4. well, i am in awe of the lovely handwriting of the names in your bowl...sigh.

  5. Oh my goodness! YAY YIPEEE I won!! wow, this has been a wonderful year for winning, I won $2 on a scratchie card, then a necklace from Fanciful Devices now this beautiful one from you! Feeling very happy. :) Thank you Fiona!

  6. Wow what a surprise, I very rarely enter giveaways only two this year and I have now won two out of two. My luck has certainly changed with my move north. Thank you so much Fiona.

  7. F- great hand model you've got . And congratulations to those who have drawn the giveaway. B

  8. Annie -I'm so glad something happy has happened for you after such a tough week. I'm sure they will enjoy seeing the world thru your eyes...

    Thanks Jo - I was surprised a bit that they are all heading off across the waves...

    Thank you Letterlady!

    Oh Velma - it's pretty bad for a calligrapher! Funny isn't it the things we appreciate in others.

    Lovely news for you Louise - I'm always happy to know that a piece is going to find a happy home!

    Well Vicki Iceland has been a happy hunting ground for you! I hope you enjoy.

    B - I must agree - fabulous hand model!


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