Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday Thoughts...

Don't think about making art just get it done. Let everyone else decide if its good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.

Andy Warhol

I love it!  Even tho I am a real thinker and ponderer about my art - I hope that's what I am and not a procrastinator - I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment. In the end, you just have to go make art.

I am part of BookArtObject again this year and have chosen the title "A subversive stitch" to make my edition of books around.  What I expect will happen next is that I will sit and think about it, sketch a few things here and there; see some images that inspire; keep thinking; change direction and write a few more notes. This could (and probably will) take months.  But I know in my heart I then just have to go make it - I just have to get in and try and fiddle and make mistakes, and change direction and create.

I don't quite know why I get this sense of comfort from all the preceding pondering, but I do and its who I am and how I do it.  But I totally agree with Andy that it doesn't happen in your head; it happens when you do it - and just let everybody else spend their time considering it; whilst you just duck away and go make more art.

Often the best and most inspired pieces I do actually come from not thinking - from just looking and seeing and doing; playing and trying and exploring. It works both ways for me.

Off you go!


  1. Oh! I can relate to this one. "Just get it done." That's what I need to do. Stop thinking. Stop over-thinking. Stop delaying. Just do it. Just make art.

    Of course, I find that daring concept a bit scary...written like someone who is in the midst of totally changing the type of art she makes. Still, if I tell myself it's an experiment, then it's okay to plunge ahead and just do it...whatever it is.

  2. Love that phrase - a subversive stitch!! Well, I always think that the only way to find something out is to try it and see what you get. So, hoping your needle leads the way!! Happy New Year, Fiona. Looking forward to what comes next. Love, Ax

  3. I agree with your thinking re "just get it done" , how many times do we all find that at the end of the day we have created one of our best pieces when actually just playing around.
    Good luck with this round.

  4. I don't know how many folk have stumbled over the wonderful book 'the subversive stitch' {} but it was the first thing that went through my mind when I saw the 100 story titles on offer for the next BAO project..... just like nike's 'just do it' was the first thing that came to mind when I read your andy quote!

    hmmmm now have subversive 'just do it' with visions of marilyn going on in the skull..... time to stop eating christmas trifle!!!!

  5. Hi Jennifer - funny isn't it how much of our work is in our heads? Sometimes we need to let the hands lead...

    Hi Annie - Yes it got me in well and truly. I can imagine so many things but just have to settle on one! There will be needles tho I know this much.

    Thanks Alison - it's a real truism isn't it? Some of the intuitive, sub-consciously-guided work ends up being the best; the magical pieces where we take a bit of this, add a bit of that, see what that looks like or what happens if...

    Hi Ronnie - thanks for link, I hadn't thought to google subversive stitch until now, and there are lots of things out there. I like where your head goes...enjoy that trifle!

  6. Wonderful thoughts! Very insightful and true.

  7. As someone who has turned procrastination into an art form I need to write these words large and put them on my wall. Perhaps daily reading will drive the message home!

  8. 'subversive stitch'... perfect... but where will your thoughts take you here? We will all be keen to see the results of this pondering.

  9. i call it stewing and i sure do it. but then, suddenly it all comes together and i make a bunch of work.

  10. Thanks jane

    Ahhh Lesley - you got thru a few UFOs this year I know! I'm not sure how the balance emerges between head and hands; but here's hoping.

    Jo - yes where my head could go is quite the scary thought hey!

    Velma- stewing is a good descriptor - and then off you go and out it comes. Fab.


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