Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's starting to feel...

a lot like Christmas!  Well kind of, sort of.  Anyhow the tree is up which is something and the presents are generally bought and wrapped which is a fine thing.

I decided to go with an old book-page and silver theme this year. My friends know that it is one of the big things each year - what's the colour theme?!?! The older I get the more minimalist I seem to get and at this rate, one day soon it may come to pass that there are NO decorations on our tree! I shall endeavour however, to avoid that particular sadness.

So I played with the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone to take these shots - somehow the mood it evokes worked for me with the simple tree and its even simpler decorations...

I present...Christmas 2012 in the Dempster-Smith household!

Folded paper hearts from an old book of Irish melodies.

And gifts wrapped in the pages of the old book, some in hand-made envelopes from the book pages, and each person's name scribed into a piece of aluminium shim.  I also made an aluminium shim heart for the top of the tree as well - just a little bit of bling!


  1. I wish I had your sense of style Fiona. This is just so 'you'.

  2. The simplicity is exquisite. I'd love to be able to do that, but, alas, my little urchins are really into Christmas this year and just won't allow it.

  3. deeply meaningful simplicity - beautiful...

  4. Fiona,
    This is beautiful! I did a lot of my wrapping last year with old book pages as well - mostly incorporated as tags or accents on plain white, kraft paper, or burlap wrapped packages. I love the folded hearts and LOVE the iron tree!

    As always, thank you for your generosity in sharing your art, style and life on your blog. Blessings to you and yours this Christmas season,

  5. Being a victim of 'over-bling' myself, I really admire your restraint... not to mention the absolutely stylish concept. What a delight to receive a gift wrapped with such care and attention to detail. Who cares what's inside!... just the thought put into the package is enough.

  6. Such a great feeling when everything takes shape, all ready for the celebration! And what a greater feeling yet when decorations and gifts are created with love.
    Your folded hearts say it subliminally and clearly...

  7. Lesley you are too kind!!

    Ah Jennifer, Christmas with little ones is different and oh so special. I'm sure you'll all enjoy!

    Maire - so glad you enjoy the simplicity too.

    Helen - thank you for sharing your gift wrapping stories too; I love to hear what other folk do. Simplicity and re-using is a good way to go for me. I'm glad you enjoy visiting - wishing you all the best for this Christmas time as well.

    Ah Jo - I think I am on that path to simplicity and can't see me detouring for a bit yet. I love gift-wrapping; for some reason it soothes me!

    Thank you Anna - the hearts worked well and I like it when it comes together as you say. Go well!

    Laura - thank you for your comment, and for enjoying these little hearts. They are sweet and gentle reminders...

  8. It takes such a masterful hand and fine sensibility to make minimalism work so well! I've been wondering what this year's holiday theme would be and you have not disappointed!

  9. Hi G/TT - I'm not sure abut the masterful hand and fine sensibility; but I'm pleased you enjoyed them and have not been disappointed!


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