Sunday, March 17, 2019

A mock-up of sorts

It is always a slow process for me designing a book, especially when I am trying to achieve all sorts of things in a single book.

This one I was hoping to make from a single sheet of paper.

It is a book about here and there - my love for my home here in Maleny; and my love for our home in the Highlands in Scotland. The single sheet of paper thing felt right - I am one person with a heart in two places.

Like many before me, I tried out one of Hedi Kyle's folds  from her most recent book Art of the Fold, co-authored with her daughter Ulla Warchol.  The Franklin Fold it is called.

I liked it because it is from one piece of paper, and seems to be able to tell two stories and bring them together in the centre.

I had made a plain paper mock-up a little while ago. And decided it would be nice to tuck the Title in the front cover fold. A little bit different.

I then wanted to add words and numbers and images, so I set about pulling the book apart and trying to work out the layout of pages and the direction of images and words.

 May I say it took quite a few goes to work out how to easily return the book to book format!

I labelled F for front and B for back and numbered both sides separately. Maleny on one side, Armadale on the other.

 As mentioned it took a few goes to get the rhythm back!

Trying to work out where I would  need to print in order to get a design on the front and back covers.

Good result!

And inside the cover - testing how the design would run.

And then looking at postcodes - imagining them in bold wood type on the back.

Standing it up to see how it 'reads'.

Alongside all the unfolding and marking and refolding I need to make copious notes for checking I had included everything - words, images, numbers...

And because it is a book of two; I need to make sure I have a matching pair so to speak. My brain was hurting by the end!

I also want to make sure of the overall integrity of the book, so am checking that the colours mean something; that some imagery is individual; some shared. Checking techniques and where they might be applied. Remembering that embossing must come last!

Trying to work out which typefaces I can use for names and lat/long etc. Calculations, calculations, calculations.

Next step is to test and trial if I can possibly print the marks and images and words I want in the direction I need; and in what order and sequence! Shall cross all my appendages and take copious notes!


  1. It makes my head hurt just thinking of trying to get everything printed in exactly the right place and the right way up. I'm looking forward to seeing it as it progresses. Good luck.

    1. I know you can understand the levels of complexity in planning something like this Jac - your work often involves the same level of thinking! Thanks for sharing your hurting head; always good to know one is not alone! Go well.

  2. oh dear heaven ... my toes were crossing just reading about it (ha!)

    1. Oh Liz thanks for the crossing of toes! I will get around to sorting it out soon I hope. Go well.

  3. love how you pay attention to all the details!

    1. Thanks Mo - I have worked out that for me, making sure all of the details make sense, that they belong, that they have a reason for being there, matters. Somehow for me, the integrity fo the work depends on everything making sense and having been thought of. Interesting! Go well (I have a sneaking suspicion you are a bit the same...)

  4. Whoa! This reminds me of those spatial reasoning tests that I always did so badly, where you had to look at an unfolded shape and figure out what it would look like when it was folded up. My hat is off to you for making the mental effort to get this book to work. I love the two-in-one symbolism and look forward to what you devise.

  5. oh dear, looks complicated ! Excited to see the result ! Annick


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