Tuesday, March 5, 2019

I Dream of a World...

Barry and I are back from a whirlwind trip to Sydney where we attended the opening of Mo Orkiszewski's gathering from around the world "I dream of a world where love is the answer".

Here we are joining hands around the world...

The installation was wonderful; and all the details shone. We ended up spending a lot of time just staring and checking and looking- the longer we looked, the more we saw...

My appreciation for the talisfolk in particular just grew and grew the more time I spent with them. They were so so beautiful.

Of course, I wandered around hoping for a glimpse of my wee pennant. See here for its story. In amongst the vibrant beauty of so many others, it was hanging quietly, surreptitiously with its quiet message of love.

 The world seems smaller and closer somehow when I realised I was hanging next to Jude Martin who was such an inspiration for so many; and Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord; and one pennant away from Liz Ackert; and one pennant away from Louise Watson.  All three folk I have 'met' through the wonders of the interweb...

An especially captivating element of the show was the line of correspondence around the wall. Many participants had written notes to Mo about their work and their hopes for love mending our beautiful broken world, and these were placed along the walls and around corners. So many visitors were fascinated by them.


 I loved the notion and it felt like finding an old friend when I saw this piece amongst them.

 Mo looked gorgeous and talked and shared with everyone. And everyone talked to everyone...

The details of the gloves and their star cut outs and embroideries called me back time and time again.

Unknowingly to me, Barry took a series of photos of me reading the words of Rod's song that Liz had embroidered on her pennant. I was clearly gazing intently!

And in what seems quite fitting, as we walked (hobbled) along the street outside the gallery, I came across this graffiti heart on a rusty covering. 


So many hearts and congratulations to Mo for the most magnificent of gatherings - so much love from around the world poured into these works...

Update: To see all of the beautiful pennants and talisfolk, and learn more of the stories and hearts behind them, click here to view the astonishingly beautiful digital catalogue.


  1. (((Fiona & Barry))) great photos, it was so good to catch up, magic day!

  2. tears in my eyes as I read this ... to feel the connection between us, a world away ... Mo's gift to us all ... love

    1. So so special Liz - it was amazing how close I felt to all those I 'know' via the inter web; as I went and exclaimed at this one, then that one...And how wonderful to be able to share it this way - for those too far away to be there.

  3. I so envy your ability to attend Mo's opening. I didn't know she would show the letters too. I wish I had done better on that. Your pennant is so "you"...it has the elegance of blind embossing which I so often admire in your work.

    1. Dana - I was surprised as well to see the correspondence; but it was so fitting and so perfect. It really brought the pennants to life with their people and the sense of love and care and hope and connection you got as you read them was truly powerful. So joyous to be int he presence of your pennant!

  4. Thank you for the wonderful photos. It is like wandering around the exhibition with you and so enjoyable for us- the ones that can't be there in person. Thanks for the mention, it's really exciting to see my pennant amongst all the rest and with a host of such wonderful work.Hope that toe is mending well and the colourful bruises slowly going away.

    1. Louise - it felt like catching up with folk we know wandering around and exclaiming when we saw the pennant or the card/letter. I kept wanting to point out to folk - I know this one! Glad you enjoyed the wander - it is an exhibition filled with heart and love and you really feel it.


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