Sunday, March 3, 2019

Practice, preparations and remnants

The client has been in touch regarding their preferred piece of calligraphy for the title of the series of poems, and so I have had to go back and try to write the final one.

In the end the preference was for no stars, so I simply have the words and the lettering to carry the day.

And may I say, "S" is always a rather tricky letter for me - how lucky am I that here are two in this!?!?!?

Loads and loads of practices later, I have narrowed it down to two, and will spend a bit more time trying to decide between them.

And then it was onto trying to work out the size of aluminium plate to prepare for etching.  Barry and I are making some large etched aluminium books for the Compassion exhibition; and whilst there is an etching solution made up and ready to use; I thought I should think about what else to put in it.

These will be plates to print on cards, and I was playing around with placement.
Still no final decision but it is always nice to have options.

And for another project I was cutting almost circles out and thoroughly enjoyed the remnants. It's like a little city of tunnels or something...

Lots of things on the go, lots of small tasks being thought about, prepared and done; all leading to the completion of the bigger things.  Sometimes we build and finish through lots of small steps... this is just such a time.


  1. Clever you. Really wish I was 30 years younger and could play with you. Lovely to see all you do.

    1. Thanks so much Penny - it would be fun to play in the studio for sure! Go well.

  2. This may be a duplicate comment as Google interrupted the last one with a password and verification prompt (ugh).

    I think I wrote that I particularly liked the way the "e" was cradled in the "m" of the the second image ... and how they both encountered the "t" so gracefully.

    Then I went on to admire the "..." at the end of the "l" (with a parenthetical comment that you had to know I'd like an ellipsis)

    Last, how you (and Barry) even make scraps art-full ...

    1. Thanks for looking so closely Liz...they are all the little things I have to compare when I select one and sometimes don't even know I've done it until later. I do like the nestling of the e in the m, and occasionally the cross bar of the t is actually the end of the many little moments. I have sent my two options off so shall see where we land. At least we are edging closer. And yes; offcuts as art...grin!

  3. (((Fiona))) Love your 'S' variations, so good to catch up with you two yesterday!

    1. Lots of tiny variations in this work Mo - hopefully one piece holds all the good moments! And yes how fab to be there and catch up - so happy we made it!


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