Sunday, March 10, 2019

Not much time...but tools!

We basically gave up on this week creatively!

Undertaking a laundry renovation with jackhammers and dusts and fumes meant that we spent several days as escapees - leaving the house until the work was done.

Family birthday celebrations were had with lots of cooking and baking (creative!) and then the changeover of our broadband and internet to the new NBN caused a day of lost time as we fiddled and faddled with the telco.

So I managed to grab just one hour on Sunday afternoon.  I almost didn't bother, but thought that was a bad attitude.

I knew I wouldn't get much done, so pondered what was most useful and in the end I decided to start preparations on the aluminium plates I hope to etch.

As ever, there is lots of slow preparation needed, before one etches.  Today I trimmed the edges, and filed them and found where all my drypoint tools were. Huge effort!

Still they are two small tasks I won't need to do during the week.

Far more interesting than the filed plates are of course the squiggly off cuts.

A plate after trimming and filing.

Some of my tiny wee files.

And then the drypoint tools - it was actually a lot of fun to rediscover these and think about how best to use them all.

They are all mighty pointy

And I loved the curled handles on a couple.

And just to cheer me up I include a picture of me and a huge rabbit artwork taken a couple of weeks ago (before broken toe) in a skirt made from a dress that no longer worked.

And here is the broken toe X-ray. Sigh, I did a really good job on it!


  1. Oh ha ... I read "jackhammers" and thought "with her foot?" ... seriously, I wouldn't put anything past you. But it was with a sigh of relief that I learned neither you nor Barry were undertaking jackhammering!

    And once I again I marvel at your ability to find transient artfulness in scraps ... looking forward to seeing what those lovely tools create in your hands (and thinking back to your rock carving last year ... no wonder I envisioned what I did)

    1. So funny Liz! We do like to get in and do things, but thesis way beyond toe or no toe. The tiler is grinding the concrete surface smooth this morning so more dust everywhere. Luckily I am going off to sewing! I like scraps and discards and frayed edges...go well.

  2. (((Fiona))) you were so brave bringing your very broken toe all the way to Sydney and back, hope it heals perfectly, love your twirly offcuts and collection of points.The only good thing I can say about the NBN is it's cheaper...

    1. Thanks Mo - the trip went smoothly and my toe is recovering - another x ray in a week or so to make sure it is mending! So far our NBN has been faster, but left us without a phone for a day! Back on track now we hope. Go well.


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