Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Greys and Blues

A week or so ago we had some weather - a huge storm, lots of rain, overcast skies, then showers, drizzle and mist.

Walking to the studio one afternoon I turned back to the valley and saw this beautiful layering of greys and blues.

Whilst there I was working on the pages for another Compassion book.  It feels almost heretical to mess with these marks but I am.

The marks were made simply by having dipped the pages into some worn out ink and then leaving them to dry. As the paper for drying cockled beneath the pages, it created these lovely mountainous marks.

I wish I could draw or design marks like these myself!

I am also pondering entering some work into the printmaking section of an art show and pulled out these postcards, wondering if they would suit if I framed them.  I came down on the side of 'no'; but then realised I had probably not ever blogged on them.

Originally they were part of a postcard exchange with the theme of birds.  I back printed the words bird, feather, nest and egg in a really light grey using wood type; then I wrote some haikus to reflect each of those words, and printed them in black over the top.

The light was shocking on the grey day I tried to photograph them, so the best way to see what had happened, and the words, was to go for a low angle shot!

bird - how birds often appear to me as I look out over our block to the valley.

feather - my sense of the perfect design - how each feather works specifically amongst the whole; and how each individual feather is so beautiful.

nest - as ever my admiration for birds and their nests.

egg - an interesting one to try and think about and describe what is going on.

 I sell the postcards for A$15.00 with free shipping in case you are ever interested.


  1. (((Fiona))) love your elegant eye

    1. Thank you Mo - the mountains and the valley all layered grey was so gorgeous- today an utter whiteout!


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