Tuesday, March 19, 2019

It's only a pocket, Fiona!

So sayeth Barry as I sit and fiddle and keep adding elements and details to a pair of pockets!

I am in a phase of renovating all of my clothes so that they have pockets.  I am getting seriously het up about pockets and the lack thereof in women's clothing at the moment and seriously excited every time I make clothes with pockets in them. I go about telling everybody "it's got pockets!!!".

I have decided I don't actually NEED to make any more clothes right now, hence my clothes renovation phase.

I have a pair of wild wonderful fisherman's pants as they are called, which I love wearing, but - no pockets.

Here they are draped over the back of the couch. I love all that crazy fabric detail on the right leg.

So I decided to add a pocket onto the left leg.

But then I couldn't decide which style of pocket to go for; so I decided to make two and then choose.
The first has grey linen underneath white cotton lawn. The trousers are unhemmed with fraying bits here and there, so I am keeping the style loose and frayed.

I sat quietly for quite some time, very meditatively pulling threads in the lawn. It is very fine and very fiddly but it was a delightful pastime.

You can see I became quite besotted with it.

The second one has the grey linen and white lawn again, but this time with strips of the lawn stitched down the middle, reflecting a design element on the pants. I am thinking I might add in some of the 'string' from the pants to bring the two side together more.

I really do love a frayed edge.

So here is where I got to. With a bit of help from Barry I decided on a single pocket, but blending the two styles a bit.

And here it is on the pants.  Just the right size and place for keys and a phone.

And a happy by product is this beautiful ball of thread.


  1. Looking good. Hope they are up to your expectations.

  2. Very fun! Sure you can have 2. Overlap a little on one bottom corner. Cause you need one for collecting stones.

  3. love your new pockets in all their detail!

  4. yes, I know what you mean ! I also miss pockets in clothing sometimes. But unfortunately I can't sew, so good for you !Well done !


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