Thursday, March 7, 2019

Thursday Thoughts...

“Art is the highest form of hope”. 

Gerhard Richter

In recent times I have held tight to hope. I have come to understand the value, the importance and the utter necessity of that small word.

It is a word that can seem small and even a wee bit dismissive - we often say about work and deadlines and implementation of policy that "hope is not a strategy".  Meaning of course that hoping that it will get done is not a way to get it done.

But in most other realms of my life - the broader social and community world - I find that retaining hope is vital.  It isn't actually about how to get something done; it is more about enabling me to feel as if I can  still do a little bit of something to make a difference; and that by doing so, things will get a little bit better in some small way. It is about knowing that others will also find their ways to make things better and to overcome.

It feels as if hope is foundational to action.

This quote really does express that beautiful aspirational nature of hope.  And of art. That somehow art is a realisation of our hope for the world; that we can create and make beauty and that we can lift spirits.

Photo credit: Barry Smith, Artwork: Mo Orkiszewksi
I dream of a world where love is the answer is the perfect expression of this quote...


  1. (((Fiona))) I love this photo of "The First Cut" and needed to read your words of hope this morning!

    1. Little injections of ope here and there helps us all get thru don't they Mo? A great shot by Barry I agree!

  2. this photo made me think about how the solution to a problem or issue can sometimes be found in looking at it from another angle ... hopefully

    1. I like that Liz! I think the perspective here is intriguing...

  3. I, too, hold tight to hope. It isn't enough in itself, but is an essential base for any kind of meaningful action. Otherwise, why bother?


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