Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A skittery mind

I'm not sure if skittery is even a word but it feels as if it describes my brain at the moment fairly well. I seem to go here there and everywhere and then forget where I began or why.  Concentration is not a real strength right now!

Still. We are setting in place routines and things to do and things to keep us happy as well as busy.

I'll start with yesterday morning's sunrise.  The sweetest, gentlest baby pink and apricot drift across the sky.  A good start.

We have been going to the studio most mornings - trying to just get lost in making and it is doing a grand job of looking after us.  Some things I do there are great; some are just good therapy of a sort.

I have been cutting down old proofs of prints and duds and making them into book covers for small journals.  I had thought I might stitch them whilst sitting the EcoWomen exhibition; but like many other things, it has been closed so I didn't need to.  Now I have my stitching kit in a purse and am ready to take it and stitch anywhere.

I had also prepared some of my wee embossings to do whilst I was there if needed, and they too are now prepped and packed for doing anywhere...

These are not startlingly artistic things; but they are good things to do when focus is in short supply. I like their portability and the simplicity of the task when I might need it.

Some prints have turned into tiny note cards to pop in with a package of something. I really like this lot! They are only about 4-5cm high and about 3cm wide - teeny.

There have also been some good things made but I have some work to do to finish and prep them for release into the world!

This morning it was rainy, so no sunrise, but one of the small steps I have taken is to try and have fresh flowers or foliage in the house each day - to help remind me of simple things, simple times and beauty.

Barry collected some of our last rose buds and they are just gorgeous gifts.


  1. (((Fiona))) love your little bags of makings ready to go with soap, with all this hand washing my fingernails have never been so clean after half a lifetime of working as a gardener! Working on an intricate drawing is keeping me almost sane albeit with the attention span of a flea...

    1. Yes I think we all have the cleanest and driest ands ever - and hand lotion is a gem of of a thing! I can imagine you losing yourself in your intricate drawing - I like that our work fills our heads and we can't think of much else as we focus and concentrate. The skittery attention span of a flea is very real. Take care, stay well and go gently.

  2. What a wonderful pantry of offcuts you have ... and it must be exceedingly good therapy to revisit the original making of them in your mind as you make them anew

    1. Thanks Liz - it is actually quite nice to go through things and find bits and remember them and then use them at last! It's almost a that point where nothing is safe...go well.

  3. F - such a great use for the bits of creativity that did not quite make the grade. They have made beautiful little cards and will also make great little treasure books. B

    1. Thanks B - it has been great to re-imagine the value and worth of things and find creative and useful places for them to be!


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