Thursday, March 26, 2020

Thursday Thoughts...

This is the time to be slow, 
Lie low to the wall 
Until the bitter weather passes. 

Try, as best you can, not to let 
The wire brush of doubt 
Scrape from your heart 
All sense of yourself 
And your hesitant light. 

If you remain generous, 
Time will come good; 
And you will find your feet 
Again on fresh pastures of promise, 
Where the air will be kind 
And blushed with beginning.

John O'Donohue (From Benedictus)

So yes, in times like these I turn to John O'Donohue.  His wisdom, deep understanding and heart-felt thinking about being in relationship with one another is peerless.

These words come from Benedictus - a book of blessings (called "To bless the space between us" in the US I think?). His background is indeed religious, but he has a way with words and ideas that for me, traverses the individual and unique landscapes of our lives without ever succumbing to preaching.

For me at the moment, these words carry assurance.  They carry recognition that yes, the weather is bitter.  Lie low and be gentle on yourself and remain open to kindness, to generosity and to renewal.

Somewhere, sometime the air will be kind and blushed with beginning...

In the meantime, we lie low to the wall.


  1. (((Fiona))) that old wall is so beautiful as are John O'Donohue's gentle words, I have his book of Beauty for solace

    1. Yes Mo - gentle solace. Beauty is a beautiful book as well - he was a wise spirit. Go gently, lay low...

  2. such gentle words set amidst Scottish stones ... may you be well ...

    1. We were meant to be there now this was a nice remembering from our last visit. May you and yours go well and be well...

  3. Thank you for this new to me poem from John O'Donohue. There is a beautiful interview with him at , search (upper left corner) and enter John O'Donohue. The 2 interivews are especially good as you get to hear his wonderful Irish voice.

    1. Ahh Linda, I have listened to that interview too. His voice! And OnBeing is such a place of solace as well - so much insight and unveiling of beauty of kindness, thank you. Go well...

    2. Kindred spirits from Australia to Canada!

    3. Indeed Linda! Both of their reach is universal too I feel...


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