Sunday, April 26, 2020

Around the edges

Over the weekend I spent a lot of time solving a letterpress challenge.  It is not yet complete, and the struggles were many, but I did manage to see and do a number of other things, around the edges.

Saturday was ANZAC Day here in Australia - the day we stop and remember those of our armed forces who have fought for our country.  It is for me a conflicted time - how best to honour and respect the terrible losses; how not to celebrate war and mythologise it; and how to try and focus on peace. Every year I weep.

We usually begin with the dawn service (here in Maleny in the pitch black at about 4.30am).  But this year because of the virus, there were no public gatherings. Instead a grass roots people-led campaign suggested we go to the top of our driveways at 6am, perhaps light a candle, and listen to the memorial service broadcast from the Australian War Memorial in Canberra - the Last Post and the minute's silence.

So we did. And it was moving and perfect.

We looked down our street not expecting to see many others and saw our neighbours and another couple further down the road. Here I am afterwards, heading to have a socially distant chat with Rodg.

Whilst chatting I glanced across at the embankment of grass on the right.

Can you believe? On THIS day, I spy the second last peace weathergram from last year resting in the grass!

So I collected it, brought it home, and let it dry with the gathering of peace doves (I wonder what a beautiful collective noun for peace doves could be?) on the chair at our front door. A compassion of peace doves? A serenity of peace doves? 

Do share.

There is a single peace weathergram still on the tree - a remarkable effort since August last year.

And so to the other edges.

On Friday Barry and I learned that our artists' book "We are Sorry" has been shortlisted for the Libris Artists' Book Awards. We did a happy dance - this is probably the most prestigious book arts prize in Australia and it is an honour to be shortlisted, and to be amongst some very marvellous book artists.

Because again, the virus, it is not known when the books might be able to be judged nor when they might be able to be shown to the public.  But still, first steps first.

And in some in-between moments, I decided that the circles would be contained in a square, so the template has been put to good use and I am beginning to prepare the cards.

And for hope. Not made this week, but a sentiment for always.


  1. I love that "too many poppies" has become "believe in peace" ... and this spacing feels just right

    I'd venture to suggest a "calling of peace doves"

    And congrats to you and B on being shortlisted for the Libris Artists' Book Awards ... will look forward to their final decision

    1. I love a calling of peace doves Liz - I really do love a collective noun. Thanks for the congrats - will pack and post the book tomorrow. Go well.

  2. Congratulations on the book. My Peace envelope fell off my tree last week but I rescued it, to go in my journal.

    1. Thanks Penny - hurray for the peace weathergram lasting so long! And how lovely it is now safe in your journal...go well.


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