Thursday, April 9, 2020

Thursday Thoughts...

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” 

Albert Einstein

Today I ponder art, and in doing so accept and acknowledge the role that the intuitive mind plays in the creating, dreaming, and making of my work.

I feel fortunate that I have access to my intuitive mind. I use it and rely on it a lot - I oftentimes just seem to 'know' things.  I can't explain how I do, I just do.

I find in the dreaming of or pondering of art-in-the-making, the intuitive mind often guides me, leads me, and lands where I need to land.  It is fast, cheetah-fast, and things can arrive solved or ready to roll and they feel right.  Of course not always, but often enough for me to recognise it is part of my creative process.  I acknowledge it, note it, smile upon it and keep on going.

I think one explanation for intuition is that it involves super quick analyses and connections between things that you know or understand; experiences you have had; outcomes you have witnessed; or processes you have undertaken. Kind of like your life experience counts for something and some part of you takes away the set by step process of getting from A to B to C and says 'here it is'.

A true gift.  Einstein recognised the intuitive mind as such and I imagine was grateful for his as well.  Like many things in the world our scientific and rationale worlds take precedence and and we admire and fete the things we can prove or measure.

In times like these when we need and rely on the artists and creatives to help us get through - perhaps it is more timely than ever to celebrate the intuitive mind.


  1. I enjoyed reading 'Thinking Fast and Slow?' by Daniel Kahneman, it's one I need to read again, always love your Thursday thoughts, the image is purrfect

    1. Like you Mo I think need to read it again - it helped me think about intuition this way. And yes the photo feels festive! Go well.

  2. this one was a real poser for me ... I so value both intuition and rationality, but yes, intuition is the gift

    and I do so love your particolored banners!

    1. I have often said I'm not logical; yet I know I am and I know that I value and appreciate reason and logic; but my first signal or guide is intuition it seems. As ever it really is about balance, and valuing difference I think. Go well.


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