Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Round and around

Early in the pandemic, when things were moving fast in other countries and we weren't; when no one seemed to know if we needed to lock down and get supplies ready for months; and when it seemed as if the only way the curve was moving was up and up and up exponentially, I was a bit anxious.

I has some moments where I went right out to catastrophe, death and destruction and had to reel myself back in.  One of my responses was my 5 4 3 2 1 cards, which I am still finding help me out when needed.

My best friend is a wise woman and as we talked about how to manage things, she said - just remember circle of concern; circle of control.

I liked this notion and it was a simple one which stuck.  I have also come across ones like "worry is like a rocking chair - it makes you feel as if you are doing something; but it gets you nowhere" and also "why worry? if you can't do anything about the problem, then worry is a waste. If you can do something about the problem, then do it - don't worry"

Those links are to my Thursday Thoughts on them with proper quotes and attributions.

And in keeping with my desire to have fresh flowers inside to keep me happy - this is a beautiful bunch my Dad gave me last week.

But back to circles.

Over the last little while I have been pondering how to represent the idea; and how to use it. I came down on the side of small cards that could be stuck on a computer, in kitchen, by the bed wherever one starts worrying.

We had some ink on the press so I went ahead and printed the words. Then I had to fiddle with the circles.  I chose to use circles of concern; because it seems I can be a prolific worrier across all sorts of things!

Working on ideas for representing the circles.

I masked off a square using this painter's tape. Always a bit hit and miss as to whether or not it will pull off easily; or if it will pull the paper off as well.

Playing around with multiple circles of concern and a differentiated circle of control.

And yep, it pulled the paper off with it.

And some of the writing!

So back to a template to draw a border. As I was doing this I kept saying to myself - could you BE more old school???

Trying to centre the circle of control.

But then wondering about borders, overall imagery, or bands.

Round and around we go.

I love the patina on one of Barry's fallen peace doves which now perches on the chair at our front door.



  1. how the peace birds become ever more beautiful with time ... and now I'm thinking of gray hair and the earthward movement of all things corporeal ,,, how it's all good

    and your circles brought to mind "think globally, act locally" ... how whatever we do comes around in the end ... and karma ...

    all of which is to say how much I appreciate the spirit of this post ... and will carry it with me today

    1. I hope the post carried you gently Liz. I love how the peace doves evolve; there are so many lovely patinas and patterns emerging from the lost doves. Circles upon circles...moving, swirling, twirling, rotating and coming back to where we begin...

    2. circling back ... finding your reply ... recursive is much on my mind today ...

  2. I love going along with your thoughts, how you lay things out and what you do about it. I think I especially go around and around. Thank you for the lovely card, we have changed from the PO BOX no to the street one. I think I told Barry but luckily the postal chaps got it to us. So nice to get mail. I think I am starting to talk to myself!

    1. Hi Penny - we hope we have the street address thing sorted now! I quite like blogging because I get to reflect on my process and observe myself at times - an interesting and challenging occurrence!


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