Sunday, April 5, 2020

Sewing this and that

Managing time.  It is something I think about this way and that.  Do I need a more regular/rigid routine to keep me on track? Or do I need to relax into the flow and understand things have their own time?

I move between the two.  The free flowing time thing can leave me unsettled and resentful by the end of the day; and yet I know the rigid routine thing will leave me feeling constrained and agitated.  Balance. It must all be about balance.

So I am doing a bit of this and a bit of that.  I have a heap of calico in the cupboard and thought
I'd get started on making some aprons.  I love my Go Girl half-apron and thought it would be an easy enough pattens to copy and make more of.

First up I found a calico test skirt I had made - it was a weird one with no side seams just these spiralling joins.  It never fitted but that was OK as I had really just been testing the idea, so I thought it would be perfect to cut up and make an apron with.

I fiddled around with how to make the ties that go around the waist - and out of the corner of my eye I spotted some edging/binding that I had bought as remnants in Stockholm years ago. They were nice and strong and a bit interesting.

Then of course there had to be pocket. It came from a  scrap and had to be big enough for a pen and a phone.

And an extra bit of binding to make it look interesting.

And then it was done.

And I tried it on and took this unflattering photo. But the apron will be serviceable! (I did mention the skirt never fitted...)

And a bit more sewing.  My cousin needs some fabric masks for her work.  Someone made her quite a lot but sadly they didn't fit well enough for her to wear without having to use bobby pins to hold the elastic taut.

So I brought them home and said I'd try a few options for adjusting them.

I cut the elastics off and made a top elastic that went around her head and not just her ears. And stretched the lower elastic so it would also go round her neck.

I did the same with another one and made the top elastic a lot wider. I then just snipped the lower one so she could tie a knot in it

And the third option I tried I snipped all the elastic off and replaced it with bias binding so she could tie it around her head.

Rescued after washing just in time for a photograph!

Not sure if any of the options will work but it was worth a try. I am hoping her head is a bit smaller than mine...

Also just realised a fourth option I might try tomorrow is to reduce the length o the current elastic a bit so they fit more snugly. 


  1. (((Fiona))) now that's a cool apron!

    1. It is quite funky in its own mad way Mo! I like it too!

  2. "around the ears elastic" is not a good option when one wears both eyeglasses and hearing aids ... your ties look like good workarounds

    and I love the tiered angles on your apron, along with its raw edges ... not to mention that trim ... such a fitting look and feel to it all

    and now I'm thinking ... the cloth masks that I've tried have such bulky edges and thick ties ... why not raw edges? ... hmmmmm

    1. I agree re the around the ears elastic - it often doesn't work. We decided on the strings and on the shortened elastic around the ears for ease. All done now. The frayed edges are always cool and I am sure they would reduce bulk! Grin.


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