Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Things, just things...

So it's still a bit stop start here, doing a bit of this and a bit of that.

I am trying hard to have flowers in the house each day and with Autumn heading our way, I am now pretty much down to scrounging weeds around the block but they still make me smile!

A lot of time has been spent updating our deckled edge press website and the shop there.

As you know we moved into the new studio full of excited ideas and plans for gatherings, workshops and exhibitions even; only to find within a few weeks that we were all socially isolating and no way could 6 people do a workshop; or more attend an exhibition opening.  We might have been able to manage an open studio with limited numbers of people in at a time; but the no browsing and touching rules would have made that a bit of a nonsense.

So instead, we have made a lot of cards and posters and mini-posters and put them out into the world via an online shop rather than in that lovely face to face manner.

First up is the Rainbow of Kindness mini-poster set.  It is the first joint printing effort by the two of us in the new studio.  We took turns choosing a quote and printing - Barry did 4 and I did 3. I look at them and think mine were kind of the 'be kind in a toughly manner' ones. Orange, Green and Indigo...

Anyhoo - they are now for sale in the shop in a set of 7.

Other things over there include: thinking of you cards; grief cards; virtual hugs cards and postcard sets (many more than you see here!).

It has been fun printing and also the isolation time has offered a good opportunity to focus on updating websites and shops and getting in touch with people.  Our most recent joint newsletter can be found here.  Or you can subscribe at the top of the right hand side bar of the blog for future ruminations.

If you'd like to join our deckled edge press newsletter - you can find the latest version of it here; and can sign up for it here.

We don't send them all that often so they won't be filling your inbox box. Promise.

I have managed to modify and amend the masks for my cousin - yay. We went with half shortened, and half made into ties.

And I am slowly circling (deliberately) the notion of circles of concern and circle of control. There has been so much to worry about of late that I have had to keep pulling myself back to the things about which I can do something.  My circle of control.  It has been a bit of a mantra for the past few weeks and has given me permission to not put everything into my head.

So here is an early meandering...

Just a few of the things happening over here as we wait.

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  1. for someone who feels skittery, you certainly accomplish a lot!

    love how you bring your ponderings around from start to finish ... and the cards photographed beautifully against the wood type!


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