Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Defining skittery

I did manage to spend a fair bit of time focused on problem solving a big letterpress piece over the weekend; but for the rest of it - skittery remains!

I sat down to blog and thought what have I done?

And so here it is in no real order, making no real sense, just capturing the range of things I seem to be doing at the moment. None of which is yet serious enough to warrant its own post!

I have stitched five more calico aprons and am using my high tech design skills to discover how much room I have left over for type. I am planning fundamentally feminist type words and shall pop them in the decklededgepress shop if they work.

I have been playing some more with glitter I found in my drawer. It makes me happy.

And to add to the definition of skittery I do not believe I have an 'after' shot!

Further evidence of skitteriness linked to my larger letterpress project - setting a poem and discover I have run out of 'n's. Sigh. I needed a lot of 'n's.

Rummaging through some old books I was moving from home to the studio and discovered some of these playful moments and again, they made me smile.

Removing text to create some sort of poem. I do this in one of my two-day workshops (Words and More Words) and these were preparation for that I think.

Black marker.

Dr Ph. Martin's Bleedproof White.

Our avocados are in full swing at the moment so I got distracted by the notion of dying threads with their skins and their seeds.  Turns out they make a delightful coral pinky colour.

Today we had rain, and the mist started to rise and a rainbow appeared. Always a good day when it's a rainbow day.

So yes, I am sadly not yet through my skittery phase, but maybe in some sort of way I am getting lots of little bits done?


  1. blackout poems usually frustrate me because I want to see where they started .. your whiteout poem gives that closer look I crave

    1. interesting about the white. I also think it is calmer - I often find blackout ones too harsh! And the semi-opaqueness of the white allows for hints and detective work if you really want to do it...go well.

  2. love the gentle colour of your avocado dyed threads & the rainbow in the cloudy sky brings so much hope

    1. Softness all round feels needed at the moment Mo- I can't do anything too bold. Go well.

  3. I love your black out poems ! I've also tried several but it's harder than it seems !

    1. Thanks Annick, it has always taken me longer than I thought it might...and more than simply working with a single page. I sometimes have to flip through several before I can see words that might work. But I do enjoy them! Go well, stay well.


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