Thursday, April 30, 2020

Thursday Thoughts...

“Every authentic work of art is a gift to the future” 

Albert Camus

Isn't this just the loveliest way of thinking about the things we make - that they are gifts to the future.  That in the future folk may find our art; may wonder at it; may see it in a book; may buy it; or simply come across it somewhere.

I like the positive sense of this. Yes, the work may have come from behind us - drawing on things we had seen or thought or done in the past; and yes it may have been made in the present, right here and right now; but really its purpose is in the future - a gift to the future.

It can also be a gift to the future me - I get such delight when somebody reminds me of a piece of mine they have and love; or way down the track somebody discovers something on Pinterest and gets in touch and I get all nostalgia or enthusiastic again.  Almost a bit like a gift that keeps giving.

That thought of a gift to the future offers me hope and a sense of wonder.  As I finish something I never know who might see it when it leaves home; or gets shared or...

Back in 2013 my wee book "A Subversive Stitch" appeared in The Huffington Post! Who knew it would ever be there!?!?!?


  1. (((Fiona))) I often wonder about what the future will make of what we have left behind in this 21st C world

    1. In so many ways there will be questions about what we leave behind (and what we have taken). But I like to think that art will tell a story that helps and heals...go well.

  2. back in my writing project days, the phrase "writing is recursive" was our mantra

    reading this now, I think the phrase "art is recursive" fits ... each piece having the potential to circle back on itself, finding new meaning

    I especially like your idea of art being a gift to one's future self ... and how blogging facilitates that

    P.S. The Huff Post certainly showed a good eye for art

    1. That is such good notion to put towards the role of a piece and the lifetime of a piece. I am sure we come across earlier work and find a new story or a difference in it that wasn't clear before...and what a hoot about HuffPo! The inter web most definitely spins our work much farther out than we could alone; and it can land some interesting places!


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