Sunday, June 4, 2023


 Some books begin with a very clear idea; some begin with the touch or the book or the feel of something and take you down a meandering path never quite sure of where they are headed.

This seems to be the process I'm in with this one.  

It began by playing with some small pre-folded accordions, made of khadi paper. They have such lovely feathery edges. They are about 7.5cm square, and there are five pages in each book; and five books in each pack.

I couldn't see how the five pages would work as a book; so I started thinking about joining them together to extend them, or maybe layering somehow?

Loving the deckles.

Layering. Cutting a circular hole through three pages, and then piercing holes for circle stitches. And yes, I did forget to pierce a hole!

It was sooooo tricky getting them lined up again to stitch!

But I have begun.

And I love how my little paper needle holder is looking...

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