Friday, April 9, 2010

Blogs and Blogging

There have been several occasions recently when I've paused and pondered how good blogs are! I've been thinking why I enjoy them as a medium or form of expression and ended up with heaps of little ideas, most of which ended up grouping into the three that follow. I am mostly talking about artistic and craftistic blogs (the type I tend to read or follow) here.
  1. Blogs are personal -  they operate in the first person, not the third person. In French, it would also be like they are more the familiar 'tu'  form than the more formal 'vous' form. In my mind websites are both more formal and more third person presentations. It seems to me that blogs allow expression of works in progress not just the finished piece (like websites do), again allowing insights into the personal rather than only the professional presentation of an artist's work. You can hear the voice of the artist.
  2. Blogs connect - I love the way so many artists' and craftists' blogs have heaps of links and try to connect people to other people and promote other people's work. I can't recall going to too many websites and being sent onto other fabulous people's places. Many artist and craftist bloggers also post about about other people's exhibitions; including links and/or show photos of other people's work which introduces it to whole new audiences.  I have discovered so many new people whose work I admire by linking on from other people's blogs. Most artist/craftist bloggers also seem to give credit to others, get permission first and/or link or reference to the original artist which is good.
  3. Blogs are interactive -  they are not static like a website is. They get updated more regularly it seems to me, and they allow for a conversation rather than a presentation. The artist/craftist gets to ask questions or invite comments. The reader gets to ask questions or leave comments. Little conversations begin that often end up continuing in private, behind the scenes. 
And so, what do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Are there other good things about blogs I've missed?

To soften all that text, here are some bird's nests we have found (on the ground, not in trees) that sit in my studio.


  1. oh I agree and I love your birdnests...

  2. Most definitely Fiona! Since my introduction to blogging has broadened my networking amongst other artists. I do like the interaction it provides on a personal level, and is a wonderful platform to unexpected opportunities... ALaW for one.

    And those bird nests are a work of art! Just divine...

  3. Hello!
    I clicked here from your comment on Double Elephant about Libris Awards.
    (I'm the Dinahmow in the comments there.)

    Yes, I think you have defined blogging neatly.I like the connections, the slingshot continuations that are sometimes (often?) developed even further.

    And I also like the nests! :-)


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