Saturday, April 3, 2010


I am fortunate to be involved in a sculptural exhibition to be held at Lucas Parklands in Montville in June.  We have been given the opportunity to place sculptures within the rainforest walk of the Parklands during their open garden.

I have first of all been working on a piece titled "Place" that has three components called ''connecting', 'belonging', and 'meaning'. They are three rusted fabric 'pages' that will be wrapped around three trees at different points along the walk. They involve calligraphy, lots of hand stitching, fabric (and leather) I rusted, plain calico and rusty bits and pieces we have around the place.

I plan to hang them outside at our place for a while to let them weather a bit before displaying them. Here they are hanging in my studio and a bit of detail from each of them, before their time outside.


  1. Fiona this is gorgeous! You are talented in every direction!

  2. F Of course I would like these pieces - imagine combining rusted cloth with rust bits from our rust bank - has to be a winner. B

  3. I've just been wandering back through... these are gorgeous!


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