Monday, April 19, 2010

A Letter a Week (ALaW)15

It was back to rusted fabric this week and trying to see if I could use freezer paper to create a stencil and then apply fabric paint to the fabric effectively.

I have never used freezer paper before - so another experiment was underway.  From what I could work out, you design your stencil, cut it out then iron it onto your fabric. By the way - this paper is nothing like waxed paper or baking paper it's something different and I bought it thru a craft  shop not at the local IGA supermarket.

I cut out an "O" which of course leaves you with a central hole to navigate your way around.  I first of all ironed on the paper, leaving the "O" blank for paint.  I applied fabric paint with a roller and discovered that I was a bit heavy handed and it bled under the edges. My guess is that you should 'dab' the paint on - like  a stencil rather than a screen print.

I had to use another pen to make the letter look OK, and the first stencil gets wrecked when you try and pull it off; so I thought I might as well try and use the cut out of the "O", meaning it appears as the negative space.  I was a bit easier on it this time and it worked quite nicely - not as much bleeding.
The final effect is quite subtle however because I only had gold fabric paint and against the rust it blends a bit. More learning!

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