Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Dream Boats"

I am really enjoying getting pieces ready for the June exhibition at Lucas Parklands - sculptures in the rainforest walk and on the deck.  Here is some whimsy I have underway - 6 little 'dream boats'.

I came across these seed pods in January at Maroochydore and just knew they would somehow end up as art - I loved their elegant shape.  After finishing building our house we still have lots of timber off-cuts 100mm x 100mm. And of course I love my copper wire words and then I saw them all together!

Barry trimmed the timber for me; then I sanded it and oiled it. I made the words and popped them in the pods. And that's as far was I've gotten so far... but they will become a series of small tabletop sculptures, so stay tuned!

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