Friday, April 30, 2010

Buderim Craft Cottage - Exhibition

I am honoured to be invited to open the Exhibition "Lavender, Lace and Letters", a collaborative exhibition by the Needlework, Calligraphy and Lace and Tapestry Groups at the Buderim Craft Cottage tonight. I hope to get some images of the exhibition to post over the weekend.

I was also invited to have a small exhibition of my own works and have displayed a number of books - some calligraphic, some blank and some with photographs - but all within the blue-lavender colour theme.

For this book I painted with acrylics onto paper, then applied several coats of matt varnish to allow ink to write on the pages - an experiment for me, and I am very excited by the process and the result.

The quote is "Thoughts, rest your wings. Here is a hollow of silence, a nest of stillness, in which to hatch your dreams". (Joan Walsh Anglund)

This book is for my mum  and is called 'Languages of Peace'. Each page has the word 'peace' written on it in a different language, following the alphabet. So first of all we have Armenian, then Bengali, then Catalan and so on. Interestingly, no language starts with the letter 'O'.

Each page is also embossed with a small peace dove, and the cover has a large embossed peace dove. I made this sweet slip-on cover and then painted a peace dove on the binder in gouache. The work is gouache on Arches Velin paper; the style is my own heartbeat script, and the pages are single-page link bindings using crochet cotton.

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  1. Hi Fiona,

    The dove and pages are soooooo delicate and beautiful. xoxo


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