Saturday, May 1, 2010

Buderim Craft Cottage - Exhibition Opening

We travelled to Buderim last night where I opened the show "Lavender, Lace and Letters". The choice of lavender as a theme produced a truly unified exhibition. To me, it was the thread that held the pieces together as a whole and allowed you to move with ease between the different formats, and different settings yet remain connected.

When I saw all the pieces gathered together yesterday morning I thought – what an enormous undertaking. But out of the chaos emerged a fully-fledged exhibition with pieces hung, swung, pinned and settled onto plinths.

Each group produced a fine body of work – exploring and demonstrating different skills and techniques; refining familiar ones and testing out new approaches. The show is open Saturday and Sunday.

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  1. The calligraphy letters are fabulous, and I love that lavender top of yours xoxox


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