Friday, May 7, 2010

"Dream Boats" in our garden

I have pretty much finished the 6 dream boats for Lucas Parklands.  It might seem as if I am well ahead of myself for a June exhibition; but our work-work is building up again and we won't see too many opportunities for creative free-time in the next few weeks, so I figure make art while the sun shines!

Here they are in different parts of our garden. Clearly this is not a rainforest garden; but I plan to have these pieces on the veranda and not in rainforest. Although I like the idea of them out there amongst the trees, whispering quietly to us all to be creative and believe, I am not sure they would survive that well.

Hmmm more pondering to do.


  1. very interesting and fun accents for the garden

  2. I think these are just lovely...

  3. Thanks for the comments - I think they are whimsical and they make me smile...


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.