Monday, May 17, 2010

Just in passing...body art!

It was a grey old day yesterday so we thought we'd go for a drive to Eumundi, and check out the town when there weren't any markets on.  We were mildly confused to arrive and find the place bustling like a Saturday or Wednesday (market days) and car parks as elusive as ever.  We discovered we had arrived during the Australian Body Art Festival and lo and behold bodies were being used as canvasses every which way.

Some truly remarkable effects were being achieved and here are a few snap shots, most of which were works in progress at the time. Different!


  1. I bet this is a foolish question but can I assume that this was paint and not tatoos? Fabulous stuff!

  2. Yes...all done with paint, inlcuding airbrushing literally! Can't imagine the bathwater as it all washes off!


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