Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Charity Art Auction - Teapot

Well it's time to deliver our pieces to Main Street Gallery, Montville where Kim is hosting her Australia's Biggest Morning Tea and Charity Art Auction next Thursday 27 May at 10.00am.

My piece is called "A dash of hope and courage".

This teapot has been through fire, and survived, and still looks beautiful. The idea of a cup of tea and a chat; a cup of tea with a dash of milk; or a cup of tea with a dash of hope and courage seemed appropriate for a cancer fundraiser.  The inspirational words are written on rusted paper in the form of tea bags which I stitched, and each tea bag represents the array of emotions and efforts experienced through a cancer journey.

hope, courage, wisdom, calm, reflection, balance, acceptance, grace, resilience, stillness, thankfulness, harmony, healing, care, gratitude, strength.

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