Sunday, May 23, 2010

'Renewal' for Lucas Parklands

I am down to the finishing and finalising part of the works for the ArtsConnect exhibition at Lucas Parklands.  I bent the pages of my metal books and stitched them on Friday - and Saturday was a clear sunny day so I photographed them outdoors.

I have in mind a burnt out tree stump for the setting of this trio - hence their title 'renewal'. I have engraved three Latin words that are linked to the concept of renewal - renovo, reparo and resumo into the front covers, one for each book.  I have made a copper book, a rusted iron book and a steel book.

I chose a light and free style of writing for the covers - hoping to gave a sense of life and new beginnings, rather than a staid and grounded formal hand.

I feel the three of them need to stay together as a set as strangely enough I am uncomfortable about them being separated!

Notes to self - bending steel is hard; engraving with a broken finger is tricky and I still love the look of rust.


  1. Fabulous, Fiona, and engraved whilst having a broken finger. great effort.
    N xoxo

  2. ~gorgeous and magical are these the power of three...i do agree a l♥vely set they are and should remain together...delighted to have stumbled upon your place here and look forward to seeing what will come to be in the future...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. These metal books are outstanding and truly wonderful displayed! Very inspiring!
    I totally agree with faerwillow, I'm delighted to have stumbled upon your blog. I'll be back!
    Enjoy your day and make more such fab art!

    Gaby xo


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