Friday, May 28, 2010

Charity Auction success

We attended the Cancer Council fundraising auction at Main St Gallery in Montville yesterday.  It was slightly stressful I must say...there is nothing worse than standing around whilst people decide whether or not your art work is worth bidding on...and then deciding how much it's worth in a public forum.

As most folk know there has been a general slowing down of art purchasing.  For whatever reasons, people's discretionary spending is being impacted upon, and of course art is one of those things that isn't a real necessity for many people.  This made the auction environment slightly more stressful as well I think. Even tho it was for charity, it is still a bit hard to separate the personal from the purpose.

Oh my goodness, it's sounding all about me and I am making it sound all doom and gloom and it wasn't - but it was certainly a new and different experience for me, and these were my reflections.

Both Barry and I sold our pieces for above their reserves which was great. I am happy that we therefore donated funds to the cause as well as purchasing a couple of small pieces. The best news was that by the end of the auction along with donations and raffle tickets, Kim had raised around $7000 to donate to cancer research. Well done Kim - it was an amazing effort.

Here are Barry's teapot and mine on display...


  1. it is so disconcerting to donate art and then watch it sell for far less than what it would sell in a gallery. I just donated a large piece and was shocked at the bargain the buyer got! quite depressed to know.. your piece was just awesome, but I don't go to these if I can help it, it is quite uncomfortable isn't it??

  2. Auctions are hard to be at if you have a piece in it-- I know because I have been in several this year- but I love your tea pot- very creative.

  3. Its comforting to hear such talented artists have felt the same way. Openings and solo exhibitions are one way of putting ourselves and our inner thoughts and creations 'out there'; but the auction approach was a whole different thing again! Thanks for sharing


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