Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Letter a Week (ALaW) 21

I seem to be getting a bit behind with my letters. I blame my finger and lots of chores; but the idea of this project was to make me do something creative, so I need to focus!

I am also beginning to think ahead to the next alphabet, which is kind of making it hard to stay focused on finishing the current one. I guess that happens to a lot of folk - the lure of something new and shiny puts the ongoing and regular in the shade.

Barry suggested maybe I could stitch metal.  I have done this before with single stitches on copper offcuts and loved the look; so thought I'd try it more as embroidery this time.  I picked some galvanised iron as I hadn't used it before; and punched holes in it. The the fun began. I had to keep opening up the holes so that two or three strands of copper wire could go thru.  It was painstakingly slow and I kept accidentally cutting the wire when I pushed thru the holes again, so there were many starts and re-starts.

Overall an 'interesting' effect was achieved!


  1. OMG Fiona - this is so amazingley rich and enticing. Wouldn't it have been easier [or too easy?] on paper?


I appreciate your thoughts and comments; thanks for taking the time.