Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lucas Parklands - Returning

I just love the way this piece has worked out - it does everything I hoped it would do and more.

I love that you can see the forest floor through it.

I love that you can see the rainforest through it.

I love the way the letters fall at the feet of the work and are almost invisible.

I love how Jim helped make them easier to see!


  1. Lovin your lettering for the forest! 'returning' works brilliantly...on many levels. (Just thought... this would be good for
    They all look great in situ, especially the books in the tree stump. I don't think you were lucky,rather, i think the forest knew you were coming.
    Great work...Pity it's just a teeny bit too far for a day out for me!

  2. Thanks for the comments Suzi and I'll explore the festival of the trees idea..

    I like to think you're right and the forest knew I was coming with these pieces! Shame you can't get a quick and easy return fare hey!?!?!

    Go well


  3. just wonderful to see the forest thru the letters!


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