Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mark-making with Noela

A couple of weeks ago Noela offered to have a half day workshop (play-day) at her studio to share some of the techniques she learned at the Ballarat Fibre Festival.

Oh my, we had so much fun.  We drew with our eyes closed, we drew with our unfavoured hands, we smoked paper with candles, we burnt holes in fabric with incense sticks, we drew on black cotton with bleach to discharge it, we painted on pages with reeeeeaaaaallllly long-handled brushes and more. Then we got to rip all the paper up and make a book out of it.

I haven't finished mine yet (I did take it away with me last week for a couple of days but forgot to take a needle for the stitching....)

Here are some images for the book-in-progress.


  1. Yes, it was such fun sharing ideas with special creative friends. Thanks for posting
    N xoxox

  2. Your play-time sounds very cool! I'm sure the book is lovely. Oh, you always inspire me.

  3. yes, it was the stand out journal on the day, just poetic how it come together, with so much ease... :-)

  4. This all makes my heart beat a bit faster!


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