Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mark-making with Noela - in action!!

I wrote yesterday about the fabulous mark-making workshop we did with Noela.  Then the wonderful woman brought over a CD of photos of us in action and clearly each CD had been tailored to the individual - mine had lots of photos of me.  I was looking particularly glamourous as I do in workshop mode but here are some action shots of the things I described.

Thanks to Noela, Ken and Kim for the photos - an excellent example of documenting the process (not just the outcomes).

1. Left handed mark-making
2. Christine, Fiona Caroline drawing with eyes closed
3. Syringing (?verb?) bleach onto black cotton
4. Gestural mark-making with long handled brushes (LtR Caroline, Mark, Fiona, Noela)


  1. Hi Fiona,
    The workshop looks like a blast! So funny how we both posted about bleach-one of my favorite 'mediums' lol.

  2. love the sweeping action with the brush there Fiona...


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