Monday, June 7, 2010

Lucas Parklands - Installation day

I am almsot ready to keel face forward into the keyboard after a fabulous, exhausting, exhilarating and physical day installing the sculptures for this weekend's show. The walk through the rainforest is about 1km long we think and there are a few slopes up and down to negotiate.

I was so happy to see the work in the place where I had envisaged it when I began making the pieces.  They look so right and at home - the setting really makes them shine. So this post is all about me - but the next ones will be more expansive!

Returning - with the rainforest appearing through the letters as I has always hoped.

Renewal - I skipped and danced and waved my hands about today when I saw the beautiful fresh fern growing in the blackened tree stump that I had dreamed about placing these three books - Renovo, Resumo and Reparo - in. Renewal.

Place - I knew I wanted three trees for this piece and couldn't believe my luck with these three. So proud and strong. Meaning, Belonging and Connecting at work.

Sentinels - When I saw the sunlight play through the spindly saplings in this clearing I knew my upright posts had found their home - they stand and reference the straight lines of the beginning rainforest trees.

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  1. ...and they DO look absolutely perfect in their settings ....well done Fiona
    N xoxox


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