Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pavement Punctuation - Portland

I would never normally say 'pavement' (footpath is what we would say); but I am in the US and it alliterates (hmmm is that a real word?) so well with the other words, so forgive me.

I am enjoying Portland and even tho I know a visitor only ever catches a glimpse, out of the corner of their eye, of how a city and its people really live and breath and move and play, my reading is that this is a city where they believe that art should be a part of our everyday lives. It seems that wherever there is something functional - the light rail stops - there is a little bit of artistic endeavour added. The glass walls might be etched; the doors might be etched; there might be a map in the concrete telling a story of local creeks and streams; there might be a few trees in the guardrail; or the lights might actually be flowers. On every block downtown where the light rail travels there is a piece of sculpture.

Barry spotted this today at the PGE Stadium stop. Cast into the concrete were all these little punctuation marks in steel. I loved them. The stop is right next to the Oregonian newspaper, so perhaps there is a link.


  1. Oregon, Marvelous. Quite similar to Wellington, New Zealand. There is an art of interest at every turn, many employing letters.

    x x gb

  2. ...a fabulous find!!
    Noela xoxoxo


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