Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Letter a Week (ALaW) 20

Well I broke my finger a week ago...but that shouldn't mean I broke my brain. However, when it came to getting this 'T' done it seemed that way. We had a visitor all weekend which meant no studio time so no chance for making 'T'; yesterday disappeared and then tonight after dinner I finally had to go do a 'T'. Laugh out loud in my brainlessness I thought "I'll do a quick origami T". So I did. And then I realised - I can't use that, all of my other letters are Roman Capitals! What was I thinking??

So I scratched my head and went for the easy solution.  I did an overwriting of a letter - like my 'R' but with the letters in the foreground as I had said I wanted to try... at least I made it! I broke my right ring finger, so that's my excuse for poor lettering (today).


  1. HI Fiona,
    This T looks great and I really like all the little T's, they make a nice texture. I'm sorry about your broken finger-your letters look wonderful in spite of it!

  2. wow, and with a broken finger?? you rock!!

  3. If I hadn't seen it first hand[excuse the pun] I wouldn't have believed the broken finger story. Well done - a magnificent 'T'.


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