Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Letter a Week (ALaW)14

Another week another challenge.  About the same time I was etching the copper with acid to make my letter 'M' I tried to etch the letter 'N' onto some anodised aluminium. I put them in the acid bath together and whilst the copper got going, the aluminium just sat there.

I took the copper out, then bumped the acid mix up to 1:1 (acid to water) and thought that might have an impact. Not really. So I covered it and left it in the acid overnight - probably about 14 hours. When I opened it up I thought it might have totally dissolved - but no, not really, not even a dint was visible.

I put it aside - as evidence of what doesn't work and started again; this time stopping out the background on copper and leaving the 'N' to be etched.  All good. And then a few days later I decided to take the stop out off the aluminium and lo and behold; there was the faintest difference between the background and the letter, so I decided to keep this for the project.

It will be a really good reminder to me of what happens and that is kind of what I want from ALaW - the chance to try something without worrying that I need to have mastered it for the perfect finished piece.

Here are the two 'N's after etching; and the aluminium 'N' after removing the stop out (bitumen). It worked quite well in a weird kind of way.

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