Tuesday, September 15, 2020


 International Day of Peace (21 September) is not far away.

We are still working out where we can best hang our peace weathergrams and doves in and around our new place; but over at the studio we have put together a small showing of peace.

The two works called rainbow peace were done a while ago - yet they still hold their own I think. One is in watercolour and one is in coloured pencil.

I got a little bit besotted with photographing this book (Ways of Peace) and Barry's daily word leaves - different focal points abound.

I found these small porcelain scrolls for peace as well.

These four wall works involve embossing and letter cutting.

There are other pieces I didn't photograph; but its nice to have a range of peace work featured and explaining to folk what IDoP is about when they visit.

And finishing with some Australian flowers - Spring is in swing here and I really enjoy their boldness.

In the studio a couple of different grevilleas from our new place.

Some pink leptospernum at our new place.

And the last of our waratahs from our old place, bearing witness in the new office.

I really do find flowers a comfort and a joy.


  1. your ripples of peace gratefully received on this far shore

    1. So pleased they are landing and can get their gentle messages out across the world...

  2. your and Barry's peace work is so inspiring. "Let Peace be a Daily Conversation" sits in pride of place in my studio.

    1. So lovely to hear it is part of your day to day Dee - a daily conversation!

  3. (((Fiona))) love seeing all the Peace in your new studio!


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