Sunday, September 13, 2020

Unpacking and re-stacking

It makes me smile a wee bit to realise that the first work of art we unpacked and set out inside our new place is the rainbow stack of books.

We have a few bits of sculpture dotted outside; but inside remains in a state of flux as we await tables, chairs and beds! It seems wise to hold off putting art up until we can see how it will work with the rest of the gear.

The stack was in three boxes we unpacked.

Uncertain of the height it could go to here, we laid it all out on the floor; colour by colour. And found it was almost exactly the same height as in our previous place. Amazing.

We were doing it on Saturday night and hit a bit of a snag with the hooks we had planned to align it to, so with the wisdom of the ages we held off to try again in the morning.

And off we went.  This photo shows us having built, it secured it and then, realising we needed to do it another way,  mid un-stacking it.

 All back on the floor ready to go again.

On review, we left one book out - the green just didn't blend in well.

And having secured it with a bit of pressure, we realised we actually needed to add books! Eek. We had been through the library before moving and decided to take only those books we really enjoyed with us, so I wasn't feeling confident that we would find any hard backs, in rainbow colours,  that we could offer up.

But we did. We added in Japanese patinas and Marienthal, the sociology of an unemployed community.

And then the stack was done!

All I need to do now is add some twinkle lights and all shall be well!


  1. No OCD in your house? ... just good color coordinations šŸ˜‚

    1. That's it Wendy! The only bit of OCD crept in when I needed the stack unstacked because we had aligned the spines on the wrong side! Compare final photo to the one where we are unstacking...laugh! Lucky we both agreed.

  2. I can't tell you how many times library users would come to me for help saying, "I can't remember the author or the title ... but it was a book about _____ and it had a red (or blue or green) cover"

    1. Oh Liz, its funny isn't it the things we can recall - colour but no names at all author or title. I haven't actually done that myself, but I do oftentimes get forgetful when I am asking for a book - it was in the paper on the weekend, by a woman, she .... sigh. Go well.

  3. Replies
    1. Me to Mo! It now has twinkle lights and really does make me smile.


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