Tuesday, September 29, 2020

An inventory of sorts...

 The more time I spend in the studio space, sharing the letterpress with others and explaining how things work, the more I realise don't actually have a huge bank of knowledge about our presses.

It's not something I have ever sat down to study; nor is it something I have people on tap I can just ask a million questions of.

I belong to a couple of letterpress groups and every now and again enter the conversations by asking the dumb questions; and they are always so helpful.  From one of these groups I have learned that there are three different sorts of Adana Table Top presses.

So I decided in my spare moments I would try to assess which ones we have; and am beginning to try and develop an inventory of sorts.

Here are just some of the photos I have taken in an effort to differentiate between them.  

Comparing the clamps that hold the baseline bar (my own, not a technical, term) in place begins the process.

And the pieces/things that hold the rollers - a few variations here.

The rails on the rollers...

And quite a few other things to look for - how many parts the body was cast in; if there are bolts in the base for attaching to a workstation - and a few other things I am enjoying trying to discover. Who knew?

I think I have worked out what we own; just need to triple check.  Once I know, I am hopeful we won't go around swapping rollers from here to there and wondering why they don't work so well over there on that one!  


  1. oh ha! ... I love that last line ...

    and those close-up pictures of the press parts look to be sketch-worthy

    1. Despite at times appearing to be very focused; it is not my first up position, so to sort of work out accidentally that they are different and we shouldn't really interchange as much we had been was so funny!


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