Sunday, November 22, 2020

Great Open Studio and bits

 Its Sunday night and we are both a bit tired still, but we had a huge day yesterday and it was just amazing.  We had lots of folk visit and there was lots of generous support from locals and visitors.

The morning was busy and I think we sat down for a cuppa and a bite to eat about 2pm after starting at 10am.  With help from friends and family we managed to show people around, helped them print, sold some things and  wrapped and packed things for them to take away.

I have not a single shot of the day but here are some of the preparations:

I made plenty of paper pouches for Barry's jewellery and my pebbles.

We tied thread to all these gift tags - I do love the fuzzy fuzzy-ness of them.

Barry made some beautiful book pendants

We displayed his buffalo horn and riveted silver plate earrings 

Barry prepared several sets of sand servers - which sold really well!

And he made some beautiful small book sculptures.

There was of course much more on show but I have no record of it at all!

During the week I also had the pleasure of teaching a letterpress workshop - we had a good time and folk got to make some stuff they liked. Testing and exploring how text could play into their work was great to watch.

No photos again of the day or the results - but hey, here's some more preparation. Laugh!

Each person has their own set up ready to go.

And I stuck some of my Rules of Engagements regarding workshops up on the side of a bookcase as reminders.

And finally flowers.

This tiny wee leptospermum flower continues to delight me and I popped three tiny sprigs in a tiny wee vase behind the kitchen sink so I can see them when we wash up.

With huge thanks to all who visited and supported us - thank you!

May I say, an early night will be had here...


  1. you two are such an inspiration!

    1. Thanks Mo - we were tired by the end of the weekend but very happy.

  2. what a full-to-the-brim week ... thank you for making a final sprint to post it all here

    1. You got it Liz - exactly how it felt when I realised I hadn't posted on it! One final burst and I made it...


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