Thursday, November 19, 2020

Thursday Thoughts

With a library you are free. It is the most democratic of institutions because no one – but no one at all – can tell you what to read and when and how 

Doris Lessing

Ahhhhh.... democratic institutions.  How we need them be strong and independent, now more than ever before it feels! 

I like how in this quote Ms Lessing speaks so strongly in support of that sense of independent thought and self-directed reading; and links it to libraries.

Perhaps this is in part about libraries being the neutral holders of great swathes of knowledge and information. Most public libraries do not have agendas to push or certain ideas to promote; they offer nearly all of it up to help us understand, challenge, promote and delight in.

Public libraries - beacons of freedom and democracy!

5 years ago... friend Sue and Claire and I setting up an exhibition in our fabulous Maleny Library.  They are such great sharing spaces as well!

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