Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Lovely letters

 Sometimes it's the random things that catch your eye; that you act on, that you get delivered, that you vaguely recall what you had in mind, that you then pack away and then later on recall, and then get excited about all over again!

And so it was with these silicone moulds for concrete letters.

We had purchased three sets a while back and finally got around to playing with them during this resting down time. And such fun it was.

With no real idea of how to do it, we gathered some tools for general concrete use and a bowl for mixing our small bag of concrete and headed off.

We filled the moulds, and tamped out as many bubbles as we could. 

We were generous in our filling.

We managed to do two full alphabets, and a few more in the third from a single small bag.

It was quite detailed and time consuming in its own wee way - trying to gently fill each letter, tamp it down, top it up wipe off the excess etc.

I am sure we will be better at it next time around - the tools were a tad too large for the job  and we think we could make the mix a bit runnier, but that's what happens isn't it? You learn.

And then because the colour complements so well... we discovered this gin over Christmas. The name ink seemed perfect for printmakers right?

Plus the colour. So perfectly purple.

Until you add tonic - then sweet pea pink it becomes!

I am easily entertained...


  1. Inky gin ... what a concept!

    And concrete letters ... you guys have so much fun

  2. I think the concrete has been eclipsed by the gin!


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