Sunday, January 17, 2021

Time being marked

So marking time has begun and I have been busier than I thought I might be - so far I haven't been able to keep up with daily stitching and am playing catch up a fair bit.

But to begin. I chose my hankie, and taped a piece of paper to the desk.  I wrote the big things that had happened thus far down, and then taped the hankie over the top to make tracing easier.

The hankies are so fine it is easy to see through them to trace.

I am using one of those erasable pens; I can either rub it out or iron it out afterwards.

Hoop, needle, scissors thread.


Stretched and ready to begin.

First line done and relaxed half way along the second line.

Stretched and stitching

Looking lovely.

I have just about finished stitching the thing that marks 10 January - then yesterday I had to add 4 things because so much happened on one day! 

I honestly had no idea that there would be so much going on in January. Glad I started early or I would have forgotten all these twists and turns. I am only marking the things that are big for me - personal or that shock me or make me stop and think. 

Sort of my like my personal Covid headlines.


  1. (((Fiona))) you have such an elegant touch!

    1. Mo you are too kind! I think the hankies suggest finesse and elegance - my stitching could be better. I am using a single thread but it still feels too thick! I do like how it is shaping up however. Go well.

  2. your fine hand is the perfect match for the handkerchiefs ... but yes, "I honestly had no idea that there would be so much going on in January"

    1. In so many ways Liz...One of my brother's suggested he was hoping for an average, a mediocre year - he'd take that, and I must say boring would work for me too! Go well.


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