Thursday, January 21, 2021

Thursday Thoughts...

"but for my own part, if a book is well written, I always find it too short." 

Jane Austen

I liked this one not only for what it says but also for how it says it. What style and use of the English language in such a short part-sentence.

I wonder if I could adopt "but for my part..." and use it more frequently in conversation?

All that aside, I think I know the feeling to which she refers; of finishing a book that you are so involved with that when it ends you are left a bit shell-shocked or bereft.  Sometimes it can take a while to settle back in to what is going on around you (I am so loathe to use the words 'normal life' these days) and to leave the world of the book behind.

I found this was particularly so with Hanya  Yanagihara's A Little Life.  My goodness that world and those characters stayed with me for ages, and I was constantly thinking about them and wondering how they coped.

It is truly a remarkable skill to establish characters and scenes that are so life-like that they appear as real as what you can see with your eyes or experience around you.

The book was set in NYC...The Chrysler Building in 2013.


  1. oh (((Fiona))) I read to that book & really wish I hadn't bothered, everyone should have died much sooner!

    1. Ha! It was certainly a polarising book. I oftentimes think if you accept a book early on, you go along for the ride; if you struggle with it, it never satisfies. For me, I sometimes take a position early; and then find everything along the way that re-inforces my thinking...which is why its always good to chat with another person about it as they always see things I didn't see. Go well.

  2. I always looked for the Chrysler Building in the NYC skyline

    1. I think it is my favourite skyline building there. And on a clear big blue sky day it simply shines.


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