Tuesday, May 18, 2021

A week...

Last week was a good week of playing and sorting and prepping. Preparing for workshops always makes me dig deep again, practise, test and trial things to make sure I know what I am doing.  I know I do, but I do love to double-check!

And so in prepping for a letter and word cutting workshop I got to play with some different pieces of paper; a few different techniques; and generally just got lost in the play and fun which was great!

Here I was testing the BFK Rives grey paper - it is a warm, khaki-like grey.  BFK Rives is such a reliable paper for cutting; yet I had never cut the grey which is a bit heavier than the white/cream.  It worked well and gave some great contrasts, so yes, we will play with it in the workshop.

I looks so different when on the grey concrete.

Another technique I was trying was this random crazy wandering lettering all joined up. Clearly I am very rusty with this; but I think once cut it will look a whole lot better!

This is a good demonstration of the back and what really happens when I cut. I am being so careful that that I don't cut through an end point, I nearly always finish short. But that is a whole lot better than ruining your work.

This piece will become a template that I trace around and then cut from behind - always soooo much better.

And Nature was wonderful too.

Monday dawn - a wee sliver of a moon...

Friday sunset - a wee sliver of a moon...

I love how something (us or the moon) had rotated slightly by the end of the week!

And these small flowers always, always delight me.

And then I laughed. We had a cracker of a storm and some fierce rain this week. I smiled to myself that our new car has a sunroof - laugh! 


  1. love the exquisite point of a no 11 scalpel blade & those moon shots are gorgeous!

    1. A good scalpel is a fine thing Mo - and that slivery moon was a delight to track for a few days.

  2. how the water droplets look like moon phases ...

    1. So interesting Liz! Yes, when the tree reflection takes different amounts it does indeed move from wee to full - brilliant!!!

  3. curious about that cut piece..and indeed:these water drops look amazing !

    1. the cut piece is bit of dog's breakfast (mess) as we say; but something magical might appear yet. The drops the sun roof are little globes almost, small worlds...


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