Thursday, May 13, 2021

Thursday Thoughts...

“The most demanding part of living a lifetime as an artist is the strict discipline of forcing oneself to work steadfastly along the nerve of one’s own most intimate sensitivity”. 

Anne Truitt

The art life does oftentimes draw you into places which are tricky and hard; yet for whatever reason you simply need to explore.  Sometimes for me the making of art simply comes from the need to respond in some way to some sadness, or some awful situation.

When I ask myself in response to some difficult issues - what can I do? One answer is make art.

Unlike Ms Truitt I am not consistently or constantly working along the seam of my inner sensitivity in an ongoing unrelenting way.  I dip in and out of difficulty; and relieve myself with lightness every now and again.

For some artists I imagine it is true that they are constantly seeking to investigate and understand something for or about themselves, and their artistic expression is their work.

When I flipped this notion and thought what is your artistic life was about working steadfastly along the nerve of one's own most intimate happiness and joy how good would that be???

For me, women's work is never done...this bag was spotted at the march4justice in Brisbane. A quote from Margaret Whitlam, the wife of a former Prime Minister. Love it1


  1. to "dip in and out of difficulty" seems a good way to keep a balanced view ... and to avoid emotional exhaustion

    and what an amazing quote/bag ... so well said!

    1. I loved that quote Liz - and the joy of it being on a bag, an accessory made me fizzle! I am learning I need time out from some of the darkness - a lot of political trauma and women's work; but I also know I need to get back into it too, so the dance continues...go well.


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