Sunday, May 23, 2021

The week that was...

 We had a great visit to Melbourne - a fabulous few days of being inspired at the Communities in Control Conference; as well as spending time together with dear friends and eating together and wandering the streets. Some places and some times fill you up, and time spent at the conference, as ever, renewed my spirit.

Our Pop Up Poster shop went well and we chatted social justice and women's issues with many a participant.  A few commissions came our way as well, and more Go Girl tea towels are about to hit the press!!!

One of my favourite wall signs near where we stayed. How I love artists and street art.

Home on Wednesday, to find that the ikebana arrangement I made at the workshop last Saturday was holding strong. Our good friend Tory had arranged for the wife of the Japanese Consulate in Brisbane, Hiromi Tanaka, to do an Ikebana demonstration (she is a Master) and for us all to then try our hands. As you can see a gorgeous gathering, and we all learned a lot.  It made us look at flowers and negative space so very differently. Thanks to John G for the group shot.

On  Thursday I baked bread. More aligned to to the rock family than the bread family, but it tasted good.

On Thursday night we attended a vigil for victims of domestic abuse.

On Saturday I baked more bread. Much better, but more trials to come!

A cornucopia of life - varied and full this week.  Friday and Sunday were spent in the studio with bits of this and bits of that.  Not as much focus as I would have liked but time to be gentle on myself and let things settle into place. 


  1. I love that this post touches all the senses ... the silence of vigil, the scent of flowers, the taste of warm bread, the hand of cloth, and the vision of artistry ... how we are enriched by our return to community

    1. As I reflected on the week; these were the moments; the small moments and the joy of connecting to folk, to friends and to ourselves. Can't want for more than that I figure...go well.

  2. (((Fiona))) that wall sign is fabulous ditto your Pop Up Poster shop with much needed messages for our beautiful broken world. Love the smell of bread fresh out of the oven!

    1. I loved that wall sign Mo! An early morning scurry for a coffee down a side street and bingo when we returned around! The Pop Up Poster shop had many a good conversation and yes to warm bread smells - will try another loaf soon; I am aiming for lighter and lighter...


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